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Samsung’s second AR glasses patent exposure: display lens with integrated multi-directional micromirror

At the end of last month, the US Patent and Trademark Office released Samsung’s second patent information on smart glasses called “Optical Devices.”

According to Samsung’s patent map, Figure 33 shows an AR glasses, which includes 2 pieces of “augmented reality providing equipment” (#10a and #10b), support frame #20, and glasses legs #30a and #30b. Figure 31 shows the augmented reality provider, which is a perspective view of a curved lens.

Figure 1 below is a perspective view of the augmented reality providing device. In addition to the polyhedron, the lens #100 can also be formed into various suitable shapes, such as cylinder, elliptical cylinder, semi-cylinder, semi-elliptic cylinder, deformed cylinder or deformed Half cylinder. Deformed cylinders and deformed semi-cylinders refer to cylinders and semi-cylinders with uneven diameters.

In order to expand the visible area of ​​the eye E of the flexible Display device #200, that is, the user’s field of view (FOV), the lens may include a plurality of reflective members #410, #420, #430, and #440.

Each of the first to fourth reflective members may be smaller than the pupil of the user’s eye, for example, each of the first to fourth reflective members may have a diameter of about 4 mm or less. In this case, since the user’s eyes are focused on the real image, it may be difficult to recognize the first to fourth reflective members.

Figure 16 is another design. The shape of the lens is an elliptical first and second surface, and an elliptical cylindrical shape on the side surface.

Samsung released this patent application named “Optical Device” 20200026084 on January 23, 2020, and it was filed in the United States in July 2019 and South Korea in July 2018. This is a technical patent with 33 patent numbers, involving multiple alternative design concepts.

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