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“Shanghai Data Regulations” will be implemented on January 1 this year to promote the development and utilization of data circulation

From January 1, the “Shanghai Data Regulations” (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”) came into effect. As the first data regulation formulated by the provincial people’s congress in China, it incorporates data into the track of the rule of law, resonates at the same frequency as Shanghai’s urban digital transformation, and continuously enhances the city’s competitiveness.

The Regulations have 10 chapters and 91 articles, which are divided into general provisions, data rights protection, public data, data element market, data resource development and application, data reform in Pudong New Area, data cooperation in the Yangtze River Delta region, data security, legal responsibility and supplementary provisions. Promote data utilization and industrial development as the basic positioning, closely follow the legislative main line of promoting development by regulation and promoting utilization by protection, focusing on the three major links of data rights protection, data circulation and utilization, and data security management, combined with the development bottleneck of digital economy-related market players , under the premise of meeting security requirements, to maximize data circulation, development and utilization, and empower the digital economy and social development.

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