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Shark Shark steam scrubber AWE released and unveiled the scrubber ushered in the “steam” era

On March 23, 2021AWE ushered in a grand opening at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center. As the world’s three top home appliance and consumer electronics exhibitions with Germany IFA and US CES, this AWE brings together the world’s top product experience scenarios, technology exchange platforms, and brand communication voices to provide exhibitors and the public with a more comprehensive technology bloom platform. Among them, the booth of Shark, an American technology cleaning expert, is located in the Living Appliances Hall. The booth of the American technology cleaning expert Shark is crowded.

After the steam mop and electric mop both won the championship in the industry category, Shaker announced to enter the washing machine track. The steam scrubber T21 released on Shanghai AWE this time can be said to redefine the “scrubber standard”. It is different from the traditional scrubbers on the market. Provide a more efficient, convenient, safe and worry-free deep cleaning solution for Chinese families.

99.9% steam sterilization cleans thoroughly

Although the traditional floor washing machine seems to clean the ground to the naked eye, invisible mites and bacteria still remain on the ground. After market research, many families said that the common washing machine that has been used for a period of time, the roller brush generally has the phenomenon of odor, and the secondary pollution is serious, which is worrying. The Shaker steam scrubber T21, which is blessed with high-temperature steam technology, can achieve 99.9% removal of mites and germs by using steam to clean the floor, deeply clean the ground, and prevent the secondary spread of bacteria at the source.

Steam scrubbing, safe disinfection without harm

Shaoke steam scrubber T21 continues Shaoke’s consistent “physical disinfection” style without adding any chemical detergents, which is very friendly for sensitive people and mother and child families, and there is no need to worry about chemical residues on the ground. The use of high-temperature steam to kill the ground is safe and harmless. The dry steam can be mopped and dried without leaving water marks. No longer have to worry about the problem of slipping and slipping of the family after mopping the floor.

Double rotary disk + double motor drive to save effort

The steam scrubber T21 realizes the integrated application of multiple technologies for the first time, making mopping easier and labor-saving. The dual-motor drive makes mopping the floor like wearing high-speed wings, which makes it effortless for users to use, no longer need to bend down and push forward forcefully, just gently control the Shaker steam scrubber with one hand to borrow power independently Forward. The dual-rotating disc design maximizes the mopping area, and at the same time, it can also interact left and right to speed up the sweeping force of dirt. Compared with traditional mops and ordinary washing machines, the cleaning time of the same area can be saved by almost half. In addition, the elderly at home And children can also easily get started and participate in housework.

In addition to many technical innovations, the Shaker steam scrubber T21 still follows Shaker’s humanized genes and has a lot of user-friendly experience designs, such as the safe standing design and visualization of drag-and-dry without peculiar smell, and stop-and-go. The large bucket capacity of the water tank can clean the whole house at one time. Under the high-speed friction of 190 rpm, the ground stains can be easily removed.

Over the years, AWE has held the banner status of China’s home appliance wind direction pole. On the first day of the opening, the Shaker steam washing machine T21 has attracted strong onlookers. As the first new washing machine product to be released in 2021 As a new and old man in China’s clean electrical appliance market, we look forward to the Shaker steam scrubber breaking new ground again and winning the favor of more users for the brand.

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