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Shi Bochen of Tsinghua University becomes the first Chinese student to receive the IET International Research Scholarship

Beijing, China, July 20, 2021—Recently, Shi Bochen, a doctoral student at the Department of Electrical Engineering and Applied Electronics Technology of Tsinghua University, has become a doctoral candidate for his doctoral research work “Discrete State Event-Driven (DSED) Modeling and Simulation Methods for Power Electronic Systems”. The first Chinese student to be awarded the IET Hudswell International Research Fellowship.

The Hudswell International Research Fellowship is a postgraduate fellowship awarded by The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). The fellowship was established to encourage excellence in the fields of engineering and technology research for PhD students, especially researchers who have excelled in electrical, electronic or manufacturing engineering.

With his excellent professional level and research results, as well as his innovative spirit, Shi Bochen’s application was fully affirmed by the IET Hudswell International Research Scholarship, and he eventually became the first Chinese student to receive this scholarship.

Shi Bochen’s research area is how to accurately and efficiently model and simulate high-capacity power electronic systems. Data show that large-capacity power electronics focus on the precise control of electromagnetic energy, and have been widely used in key fields such as modern power grids, new energy power generation, electric traction, aerospace, and national defense.

“Aiming at the bottleneck problem of modeling and simulation, under the guidance of my supervisor, Professor Zhao Zhengming, my research team and I pioneered the discrete-state event-driven modeling and simulation method, and developed the first domestic power electronic simulation software DSIM.” Introduced in an interview.

At present, DSIM software has been applied in more than 200 universities and enterprises in 12 countries and regions, and has been evaluated by international experts as “making impossible simulation a reality”, and related research results have also won the 48th Geneva International Conference in 2021 The highest award of the Invention Exhibition “Special Commendation Gold Award”. In addition, Shi Bochen also won the 2021 International Commission on Large Power Grids (CIGRE) Best Doctoral Dissertation Award.

Due to the long-term good cooperation between Tsinghua University and IET, Shi Bochen became an IET student member at the undergraduate level, and learned about the Hudswell International Research Scholarship from the publicity materials of the IET China Office. In Shi Bochen’s view, the process of applying for the Hudswell International Research Fellowship is itself an opportunity to exercise yourself and present your research results to the world.

“The application process allows me to better summarize and refine my research work – the preparation of application materials is a process of summarizing and improving; on the other hand, I can use this platform to show more engineering and technical researchers We work and listen to their advice and feedback.”

As a representative of the younger generation of engineering and technical personnel in China, in addition to having excellent scientific research capabilities, Shi Bochen also dares to be “the first person to eat crabs” and actively try to show his research results on international academic platforms. He is exactly what IET is looking for. “Innovators”. As a long-established academic organization in engineering and technology, IET launched its 150th anniversary series represented by the #DifferenceMakers campaign. Among them, “innovators” refer to those who have made a significant impact on the world in the field of engineering and technology and can inspire more young people to join engineering and technology careers. IET hopes to find and invite global innovators to share their experiences and insights through the #Innovator (#Differencemaker) event, and calls on more young people to join the innovator community and explore the charm of engineering technology.

Based on his insights in scientific research work, Shi Bochen expressed his unique views on “innovators” and the challenges he will face in the process of becoming “innovators”.

He believes that the real “innovator” should first put the innovation work in place. “Proposing a new concept is just the beginning, and it will take a very difficult process to put the concept into practice. For example, we put forward the ‘state discrete event-driven’ The key concept of ‘ is the beginning of an innovation. However, to truly implement this concept until it is developed into a simulation software, it has experienced a lot of difficulties and challenges in the middle, and of course more achievements and technological progress have also been generated. “

Secondly, in the process of innovation, the biggest challenge faced by “innovators” is that “research does not depend on what you are good at, but on what you want to do”. This requires that “innovators” must overcome many difficulties to continuously explore and innovate. If you want to break through a new topic, you must not rest on your laurels and timidity, but should “pivot” into this research without hesitation, so as to truly break the original boundaries and make original innovations.

In the future, more outstanding young people will continue to pour into the field of engineering technology and enter the world of scientific research. However, in this era of information explosion, how can we maintain our original intention and focus on our own research track?

In this regard, Shi Bochen also shared his own insights and experiences: the first is to grasp the direction and focus the precious time and youth on the most meaningful and valuable cutting-edge directions; the second is to not envy the “short-term and fast” research, but the real The third is to cultivate an international perspective, for example, to use international platforms such as IET to understand the latest progress in the research field. Only in this way can we move forward step by step to a real “innovator”.

IET International Operations Director Mr. Ian Mercer said: “We are very pleased to see Shi Bochen won the IET International Scholarship, which reflects the improvement of China’s engineering education and research level, and the emergence of a large number of young technical talents. IET will continue to support engineering education and Engineer standards and provide resource sharing in the global engineering field in a more diverse way.”

Personal profile

Shi Bochen, male, received a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the Department of Electrical Engineering of Tsinghua University in 2017. Now he is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Electrical Engineering of Tsinghua University, with his tutor Professor Zhao Zhengming.

His research interests include modeling and simulation of large-capacity power electronic systems and electromagnetic transient mechanisms. As one of the main performers, he developed the first domestic power electronic simulation software DSIM, which has been applied in more than 200 units in 12 countries and regions around the world.

He has successively won the National Scholarship (2014, 2015), Tsinghua University/Beijing Outstanding Graduate (2017), Cai Xuansan Scholarship (2017), the highest award of the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, the “Gold Award of Special Commendation” (2021), the International Commission on Large Power Grids (CIGRE) ) Best Doctoral Dissertation Award (2021), IET Doctoral Research Award/Hudswell International Research Scholarship (2021), Tsinghua University Postgraduate “Academic Rookie” (2021) and other awards and honorary titles.

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