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Silicon Industry Group: Establish a “one-stop” semiconductor material service platform

As the “experimental field” of China’s capital market reform, the Science and Technology Innovation Board has been in operation for the first year. At present, the number of companies listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board has reached 133, with a total market value of over 2.6 trillion yuan. Its listing standards, which are basically in line with the international market, have been significantly improved. Inclusiveness of the market. From the perspective of enterprise model, unprofitable, special equity structure and other types of new economy enterprises have entered the A-share market for the first time through the Science and Technology Innovation Board.

semiconductor-heavy asset companies have the characteristics of high long-term R&D investment and short-term profit pressure. The timely launch of the Science and Technology Innovation Board has created an efficient listing channel for silicon industry groups and similar companies, and solved major strategic industries through the capital market. The company’s capital bottleneck problem also gives public investors the opportunity to share the dividends of the growth of science and technology companies.

Excellent business environment helps to enhance the strength of enterprises

After the Silicon Industry Group successfully landed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board in April 2020, it has gained a certain amount of social attention, and the company is also deeply responsible. From non-public companies to public companies, under the background that the registration system is centered on information disclosure, the Silicon Industry Group will further carry out information disclosure work in strict accordance with relevant regulations, and further regulate the operation and governance of enterprises.

As a financial center, Shanghai provides a good business environment for the development of the silicon industry group’s capital market. Zhangjiang, as a national independent innovation demonstration area, provides a large number of outstanding enterprises with development resources in different fields. The relevant person in charge of the Silicon Industry Group said that from the company’s point of view, the company will also make efficient use of the advantageous resources and good business environment in Shanghai and Zhangjiang to speed up the implementation of fundraising projects, rapidly enhance the company’s overall strength, and expand the company’s business. scale and create reasonable returns for investors.

Since the beginning of this year, the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and its global spread have had a serious impact on the global semiconductor industry chain, and the terminal market, especially the consumer electronics products, automotive markets, etc., have experienced a significant decline. The large-scale spread of the epidemic, which cannot be effectively contained in the short term, will have a substantial impact on the global real economy, but the long-term impact of the epidemic on the entire industrial chain needs further evaluation.

The relevant person in charge of the Silicon Industry Group believes that, as a developing enterprise in the semiconductor industry, the post-epidemic era presents both opportunities and crises for the company. The impact of the epidemic risk on the company’s operations.

Technology empowers the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry

“Online new economy” is the future development trend, and integrated circuits are one of the three major industries. Silicon Industry Group focuses on the development of the semiconductor silicon material industry and its ecosystem. It is a key integrated circuit material enterprise in Shanghai, mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of integrated circuit silicon wafer materials. It is currently the largest and most advanced integrated circuit in mainland China. One of the circuit silicon wafer manufacturers. It has successively undertaken a number of major projects in the field of integrated circuit silicon wafers, and took the lead in realizing large-scale mass production and sales of 300mm integrated circuit silicon wafers in mainland China.

“Behind the new online economy, there are huge opportunities for economic transformation and upgrading. Silicon Industry Group will always adhere to the major strategic needs of the semiconductor industry, adhere to globalization, adhere to closely follow international cutting-edge technologies, adhere to the development concept of scientific and technological innovation, and shake up technology with technology. market, win the future with innovation, and establish a ‘one-stop’ semiconductor material service platform with international competitiveness.” said the relevant person in charge of the Silicon Industry Group.

“The Chinese market is currently the fastest growing semiconductor market in the world, and the Chinese semiconductor industry is also facing opportunities and challenges from industrial upgrading and localized ecological environment construction.” The relevant person in charge of the Silicon Industry Group said that as an upstream industry in the industrial chain, the silicon industry The Group has realized the layout of semiconductor silicon wafers and SOI silicon wafers for multiple end-application fields, and has long tracked and paid close attention to the development trend of fast-growing emerging application fields, and continuously developed and reserved advanced products and technologies to grasp the emerging market trends. New things and new opportunities, enhance comprehensive competitiveness through endogenous growth and epitaxial development, ensure the effective combination of the company’s products and market demand, and strive to occupy a place in the world’s advanced semiconductor wafer companies, enabling high-quality manufacturing from the raw material side develop.