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Smart home light voice interaction technology will innovate the trend

The further implementation of the promotion and popularization of the smart home market and the cultivation of consumers’ usage habits, the consumption potential of the smart home market is bound to be huge, and the industry prospect is bright. As a new industry, smart home is at a critical point in the introduction period and growth period, and the concept of market consumption has gradually formed. According to the data, in 2017, with the “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan” released by the state, artificial intelligence has received attention at the national policy level. As one of the important technologies in the field of artificial intelligence, intelligent voice technology has begun to penetrate into all walks of life with this policy wind, and smart home is one of them. According to the “China Smart Home Equipment Industry Market Prospect and Investment Strategy Planning Report” released by the Prospective Industry Research Institute, the size of China’s smart home market in 2016 was only 60.5 billion yuan, and in 2017 it directly reached 142.8 billion yuan, while in 2019 It is expected to be close to 200 billion yuan.

The light voice interaction technology developed by the company after years of painstaking research and development, through the advantages of voice recognition technology, using front-end processing technologies such as voice training, noise reduction, echo cancellation, etc., can recognize and execute the corresponding command content by simply speaking.

Light life technology technology and development concept

Light voice interaction technology advantages:

More refined: Focus on the field of voice interactive control, accurately locate the micro-network of smart home, and improve the application value of products.

Faster: The voice solution is templated and ready to use in a shell, which shortens the customization cycle and enables products to be implemented more quickly and efficiently.

Better: Reserve serial ports for third-party research and development, lower the threshold of application technology, and improve product cost performance.

According to statistics: In 2017, the global intelligent voice dollar increased by 30% year-on-year. With the application of mobile Internet, smart home, automobile, medical and other fields, the scale of the smart voice industry continues to grow rapidly. It is expected that the global smart voice market will exceed US$17 billion in 2019. Some experts believe that based on the promotion of artificial intelligence and related policies and the enterprise market, intelligent voice has broad development prospects, and the future intelligent voice will become a new important proposition in the field of science and technology. As a light voice technology interaction and solution provider, Shenzhen Light Life Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviation: Light Life Technology) focuses on the development concept of “technology makes life easier”, and is committed to promoting the application of voice control technology in the field of smart homes . Looking forward to the future, it is not difficult to foresee that compared with the smart home system proposed earlier, the light voice technology, as a rookie in the field of smart voice technology, is more conducive to leading smart home innovation with its precise positioning of the smart home micro-network micro-ecology trend.