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SmartVision’s new 130W pixel global shutter image sensor SC133GS

October 21, 2020, Shanghai, China — In recent years, the penetration rate of DMS (Drowsy Driving Warning System) in the field of smart cars has continued to grow, and it is expected to rapidly grow to a scale of tens of billions in the future, which is the core component of CMOS image sensor products. A considerable future market has come. The continuous improvement of image sensor technology will also bring higher security and scene applicability to intelligent cockpit systems including DMS.

Recently, SmartSens, a leading CMOS image sensor supplier, launched a new 130W pixel global shutter image sensor – SC133GS. The SC133GS released this time adopts 2.7μm pixels and 1/4″ optical size. It can enable the DMS system to effectively monitor the driver’s driving status and always pay attention to driving safety.

Smart Cockpit System Safety Eye

The DMS system equipped with SC133GS can identify the driver’s driving state through seat belt monitoring, eyelid closure, blinking, gaze direction, yawning and head movement in real time. The eye at the heart of the system.

Super performance, excellent imaging

SC133GS has the industry’s top ultra-high sensitivity under near-infrared light. With Smartphone’s leading near-infrared enhancement technology, its QE (photon conversion efficiency) under 940nm band light exceeds 40%, ensuring that the DMS system can operate in the invisible wavelength range. High-definition imaging with extremely high sensitivity is achieved in the interior; and the 3:4 vertical picture specially tailored for the DMS system ensures that the driver is the main pixel coverage subject, reducing the coverage of secondary pictures around the cockpit. Further enhancement of driver-centric image clarity.

Since the DMS system needs to respond quickly and issue early warning signals during driving, it has extremely high requirements on the timeliness and accuracy of driver images. SC133GS can provide DMS system with high-definition recognizable images with no deformation and no artifacts in time, providing a solid foundation for the system to make accurate judgments. At the same time, the high frame rate of 120fps ensures that the camera can capture every moment of the driver’s state change in real time, providing an effective guarantee for the rapid response of the DMS system.

In addition, SC133GS is also equipped with the single-frame HDR technology that has won many industry awards①, which ensures that the image sensor can still provide intelligent recognition application terminals with clear and visible light and dark details even in harsh light environments where sunlight or headlights are directly in the car. Live image.

Mr. Ouyang Jian, Deputy General Manager of SmartVision, said: “With the intelligent transformation and development of the automotive field, effective driver monitoring is an important part of realizing autonomous driving. SmartVision’s SC133GS, with the help of Global Shutter’s Many advantageous performances provide better image technology support for advanced assisted driving systems including DMS, and further help to create a safer intelligent cockpit system. In addition, SC133GS has a wide range of applicability, in addition to vehicle DMS systems, it can also be used in for example Smart (face) payment systems, barcode recognition and many other machine vision scenarios.”