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TCL 10 Pro mobile phone and AC1200 WiFi router win international design awards

Technological innovation drives the market, TCL mobile business rapidly expands overseas territory

HONG KONG, April 13, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Recently, the internationally renowned German “iF” Design Award and “Red Dot” Design Award have announced the list of award-winning products in 2020, among which TCL Communication has overseas The TCL 10 Pro in the just-released smartphone TCL 10 series won the above two awards in one fell swoop, rekindling the enthusiasm and attention of consumers for this phone.

TCL 10 Pro smartphone

TCL AC1200 WiFi Router

It is not difficult to see that, as the first smartphone series of the TCL brand, TCL Communications challenged the overseas market with sincerity, which also revealed its determination to expand its own-brand mobile phone business overseas.

Design pursues the ultimate, TCL brand multi-category won the 2020 International Design Award

The “iF” Design Award and the “Red Dot” Design Award have always been known as the “Oscars” in the field of product design. Over the years, they have attracted designers and companies from dozens of countries or regions to participate. In 2020, there were more than 6,000 entries. pieces. The winners will also have the right to use the winning logo, so as to fully demonstrate to the outside world that the product design has reached one of the highest standards in the world through a conspicuous logo.

By checking the official websites of the two major design awards, it is not difficult to find that TCL has a lot of blooms in the design selection in 2020. A total of four products won the “iF” design award, and two products won the “red dot” design award. . In addition to the above-mentioned smartphone TCL 10 Pro, TCL Communication’s first self-owned brand TCL PLEX smartphone released in the international market in September last year and a TCL AC1200 WiFi router released in January this year also won the 2020 “2020 Annual” award respectively. iF” and “Red Dot” design awards, while the smart TV TCL XESS A200pro and TCL RAY-DANZ audio from the brother company TCL Electronics won the “iF” design award. Many of its product categories have won international design masters at the same time, which is enough to highlight the ultimate pursuit of TCL brand in product design.

Both inside and outside, the TCL 10 Pro also has outstanding screen Display and shooting performance

Specifically, the outstanding performance of the TCL 10 Pro in the international competition of product design in 2020 is as important as the outstanding performance. The phone has a 6.47-inch full HD AMOLED flexible curved Display. The ultra-narrow bezel and curved design achieve a 93% screen-to-body ratio. Under the ultra-thin body is a large-capacity battery of 4500mAh, and the soft AG matte process also allows The touch of the phone surface has become more silky and less susceptible to fingerprints. At the same time, the mobile phone adopts the world-leading display technology of the brother company TCL Huaxing, and then loads the NXTVISION image enhancement technology to present rich and delicate colors and ultra-high-quality resolution, making the screen colors more accurate and outstanding. The phone is also one of the first to support playback of Netflix’s HDR10 video content.

In terms of functional design, the TCL 10 Pro is equipped with an off-screen fingerprint unlocking function for quick booting and sidebar shortcuts for quick one-handed access to applications. At the same time, the phone is also equipped with four rear cameras, including a 64-megapixel high-resolution camera, a 123-degree ultra-wide-angle camera, a 2.9μm ultra-large pixel low-light video camera, and a The super macro camera that can capture the macro world up to 2cm can meet the needs of users to shoot super night video and super wide-angle video. In addition, TCL 10 Pro has also obtained TUV Rheinland low blue light certification, ensuring that the screen can effectively reduce the blue light content that causes eye fatigue, relieve eye fatigue, and protect users’ eyes.

Peter Zec, CEO of the Red Dot Design Award, said: “The winners of the Red Dot Design Award have proven that they have created excellent products worthy of the award, which not only won over the judges with their external design aesthetics, but also with their The excellent features won over the judges, and the winners are setting new standards for their industry.”

At the same time, professional analysts said that the internal and external TCL 10 Pro won two international design awards, which not only means that the appearance and texture of this mobile phone have won the most authoritative recognition, but also that this mobile phone will be better in the future. Large-scale promotion and awareness, in addition to attracting consumers, will also attract the attention of the media, industry and many investors.

TCL 10 series mobile phones are driven by technological innovation to ignite overseas markets

On April 6, TCL Communications officially released the TCL 10 series, the first smartphone series of the TCL brand overseas. The series includes the TCL brand’s first 5G smartphone TCL 10 5G using the Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 765/765G platform, TCL 10 Pro, the first mobile phone with a flexible AMOLED curved display, and a cost-effective light flagship TCL 10L. In terms of price, the prices of these three models are all within 500 US dollars, and they have been evaluated as the first choice for cost-effectiveness in the market by many authoritative media in Europe and the United States.

TCL 10 5G

Professional analysts said that TCL Communications has released three new products for different positioning and target groups this time, which shows its determination to use its own brand to compete for the overseas mid-end smartphone market, and its advantages in technological innovation will become TCL’s Communication is the driving force for further expansion of the global market.

Specifically, the TCL 10 5G uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 765/765G SoC platform, which supports gigabit-level data bandwidth and dual-band Wi-Fi MIMO. Together with the 5G mobile network, it can bring a stable dual-gigabit experience. , the phone will be available in select regions of the world later this year, priced from 399 euros.

At present, the market price of 5G mobile phones is basically above 4,000 yuan, which hinders user demand to a certain extent. According to a report titled “Connectivity and Mobility Trends” released by Deloitte at the end of 2019, 40% of respondents’ 5G mobile phone purchase decisions are currently limited by its high value. The price of TCL 10 5G starting from 399 euros (about 3,100 yuan) will make 5G mobile phones more accessible to the people, stimulate the arrival of the replacement wave, and accelerate the speed of market penetration.

However, in addition to reasonable prices, many professionals pay more attention to the quality of mobile phones. The director of a European operator once said at the 2019 Mobile World Congress that the most important thing for Chinese mobile phone brands to enter the European and American operator markets is not the price war, but high-quality and reliable products, and the system and process of overseas operators. recognition, this is a different game rule from the Chinese market.

In terms of technological innovation, TCL has actively participated in the customization of 5G-related standards as early as 2015. At present, TCL Communication has established 5G innovation laboratories in Nice, France and Huizhou, China, and has a team of doctors, experts and engineers. International team. Not only that, TCL has also developed 5G terminal technology solutions based on user needs, comprehensively planned application scenarios and product ecology, and achieved phased results every year. In June 2019, TCL established a 5G terminal innovation joint R&D center with China Unicom.

Wang Cheng, CEO of TCL Industrial Holdings, said: “TCL is the world’s leading end-to-end consumer electronics manufacturer, and its TV business has a global market share of 13% in 2019, ranking second in the world, and its brand business is in North America. , Europe, and Australia are developing rapidly. We believe that with the solid foundation of the TCL brand overseas, TCL will be able to achieve rapid expansion and penetration of its own brand mobile phone business overseas in 2020, and become a promising business growth point in the future.”