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TCL expands multi-year partnership with Pixelworks to advance its leadership in smartphone product display

January 12, 2021 – Pixelworks, Inc. (NASDAQ: PXLW), a leading provider of innovative video and Display processing solutions, today announced that it has signed a new multi-year partnership agreement with TCL , to feature Pixelworks’ Display innovations on future smartphone models at all price points.

As part of the product and marketing collaboration between the two companies, TCL aims to enhance its future NXTVISION displays by leveraging Pixelworks’ current and next-generation vision processors and technologies, building on its decades of experience as a display manufacturer performance. This includes enhancements to Pixelworks’ industry-leading motion processing, SDR to HDR, color accuracy and adaptive display capabilities, as well as a set of Pixelworks AI-based innovations that will take smartphone viewing experiences to the next level. More details will be revealed at the upcoming CES 2021 in January.

According to a recent display review by independent testing lab DXOMARK, the TCL 10 Pro smartphone with NXTVISION display technology powered by the Pixelworks processor achieved both video quality and readability performance (viewing clarity in various lighting conditions) Outperforms eight other competing phones, including some of the most expensive 2020 flagship smartphones on the market. The basis for the continuation of this cooperation agreement is that TCL will achieve higher display price/performance by applying Pixelworks’ new display technology to future TCL smartphones.

Todd DeBonis, President and CEO of Pixelworks, said: “We are excited to continue our partnership with TCL and further expand TCL’s industry-leading display value. The combination of TCL’s NXTVISION technology and Pixelworks’ advanced visual processing solutions will bring affordable, Bringing premium movie experiences into the hands of more smartphone consumers and increasing the variety of immersive videos and games that will also become more common in the 5G era.”

Stefan Streit, general manager of global marketing at TCL, added: “In order to reflect TCL’s vision of extraordinary vision, we are pleased to further cooperate with Pixelworks to benefit more TCL smartphone users by combining technologies and enhancing NXTVISION technology. As we The collaboration with Pixelworks takes it to the next stage, and we believe our next-generation products will redefine the industry value point of display quality in high-end smartphones.”

The two companies expect that the first mobile phones of the new phase of cooperation will be launched in the first half of 2021.