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Team up with car companies to push “contract” electric vehicles, State Grid expands circle of friends

On October 31, the State Grid Co., Ltd. new energy cloud construction promotion video conference was held in Yinchuan, Ningxia. The meeting implemented the spirit of the company’s fourth quarter work meeting, accelerated the implementation of the ubiquitous power Internet of Things construction and practice, and comprehensively served the national energy development strategy. Liu Guoyue, deputy general manager of the company and member of the party group, attended the meeting and delivered a speech, and Zhu Ming, director of the New Energy Department of the National Energy Administration, attended the meeting.

Liu Guoyue fully affirmed the new energy cloud construction and the phased results achieved in the Ningxia pilot. He emphasized that the company’s construction of a new energy cloud is to serve the party and the country’s energy strategy, to achieve the needs of energy transformation and development, an important practice to implement the “three-type, two-network, world-class” strategy, and an important carrier to promote the development of the Industrial Internet. To build a new energy cloud, we must pay close attention to practical results, adhere to safety first, and innovate business models. It is necessary to strengthen organizational leadership and responsibility implementation, and do a good job in on-site deployment. It is necessary to strengthen communication with government authorities, power generation companies and equipment manufacturers to win understanding and support. Based on the principle of openness and sharing, more market players should participate in value creation and sharing. The company should fully deploy and accelerate the construction of new energy cloud, and improve the means and level of new energy planning, construction, operation, monitoring and management throughout the process.

Zhu Ming thanked the company for its important contribution in promoting the development and consumption of new energy. He said that the strategy of “three types, two networks, world-class” is in line with the requirements of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the national energy strategy. The construction of the new energy cloud is of great significance, new concept, solid content, strong promotion and great achievements. The construction of the new energy cloud should be conducive to promoting the implementation of the national energy strategy, providing convenient services for users, and providing professional information services for power generation enterprises and new energy equipment manufacturers, and making positive contributions to the construction of the national industrial Internet.

The new energy cloud is the company’s first open service platform that runs through the core processes of its main business. It helps enterprises to build a middle-end platform, and builds a new energy service system of “full link, full connection, full coverage, full ecology, and full scene”. Promote “decentralization, regulation and service” to improve management quality and efficiency, serve government decision-making externally, create a good business environment, and create a new energy ecosystem. The overall framework and main functions of the platform are generally recognized by all sectors of society.

At the meeting, the State Grid Development Department introduced the overall framework and construction of the new energy cloud, State Grid Ningxia Electric Power reported the results of the pilot construction, and the State Grid Internet Department, relevant provincial power companies, and State Grid E-commerce companies made speeches. Relevant leaders of the General Electric Power Regulation Institute, the General Hydropower Institute, the Wind Power Photovoltaic Industry Association, the heads of relevant departments and units of the company, and the main leaders of State Grid Ningxia Electric Power attended the meeting at the main venue. Leaders in charge of provincial power companies, and heads of relevant departments and units attended the meeting at the branch venue.