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The 13th Annual DigiWish Wish Wish Activity and Holiday Gift Guide are here as scheduled, Digi-Key asks you to check it out!

[Guide]Digi-Key launched its 13th annual DigiWish Wish-Wish event and 2021 holiday gift guide. The festival is approaching, Digi-Key is helping 24 lucky winners to remove the project from their wish list as soon as possible. These gifts will inspire many new innovations in the world. This is our company to inspire and support engineers and realize global innovation. Part of its ongoing mission.

Participants can win the Digi-Key product of their choice in the DigiWish social media Wish You Wish event from December 1 to 24, 2021. Participants must select a $100 spot product on the Digi-Key website, use the hashtag #DigiWish to leave a message on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and post their “wish”. During the event, one will be selected from the list of eligible candidates every day, and there will be a total of 24 lucky winners.

For those who buy for engineers and designers in their daily lives, or share gift ideas with others, Digi-Key has also released a holiday gift guide for 2021. From kids exploring engineering skills to skilled craftsmen to Fortune 500 engineers, this gift guide takes everyone’s needs into consideration.

The 2021 DigiWish Wish Wish event will continue until December 24, 2021.

Brooks Vigen, Digi-Key’s Director of Global Strategic Marketing, said: “We are very happy to meet our customers’ holiday wishes and inspire a new round of innovation this season. We know that these gifts will inspire many new innovations globally, and we want to know about these. What inspiration will the prize bring to the winners and inspire them to create.”

DigiWish gifts do not require payment, but this promotion will be invalid if restricted and prohibited by laws in certain countries and regions. Participants need to be reminded that when the product is subject to export restrictions in the country where it is located, Digi-Key cannot satisfy the desire to obtain the product. Participants’ DigiWish social media posts must be public in order to be included as participants.

Please visit the Digi-Key website for the complete rules, terms and conditions of the DigiWish Wish-Free 2021 event, and browse the 2021 holiday gift guide.

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