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The first anniversary of China’s 5G commercialization, the outlet turns to downstream applications

Looking back on this year, it was a year of 5G explosion. With the completion and implementation of 5G base station equipment procurement by operators, communications will enter a stage of accelerated development, and upstream companies in the industry chain such as antennas, radio frequency devices, and optical modules are expected to benefit first. . Compared with 4G, 5G requires more base stations. At the same time, 5G network needs to achieve large bandwidth, low latency and massive connections, and 5G optical modules that play the role of optoelectronic signal conversion are even more indispensable.

On the first anniversary of the commercialization of 5G in China, with the acceleration of the construction of new infrastructure centered on 5G, the downstream application level of 5G has also ushered in an outlet.

In the theme area of ​​the Information Technology and Products Exhibition, the “5G Commercial Zone” showcases 5G technology hotspots, the most representative of which is “5G + Smart City Smart Pole”. It is “multi-purpose with one pole” and is a new urban public facility that integrates 5G communication, wireless communication, smart lighting, video surveillance, traffic management and environmental monitoring, information interaction and urban public services. It can meet the needs of 5G base stations The application requirements of a wide range of locations can also meet the continuous coverage requirements of 5G networks.

At the exhibition, a large number of multinational companies and industry leaders combined 5G technology and products, bringing a new experience to the audience. For example, Saiwei Intelligent is committed to the top-level design of smart cities and big data analysis, showing the overall solutions of smart transportation, smart medical and big data analysis platforms, IDC and other industries; Haineng Communication has launched 5G commercial smart poles, Internet of Things wireless video Surveillance system, safe city system, smart city system, etc.; BOE also provides digital art IoT platform solutions, digital hospital solutions; Silk Road Vision realizes cloud-network integration and enables VR scene-based applications…

With the accelerated construction of new infrastructure with 5G as the core, the downstream application level of 5G will usher in an explosion. This year’s 22nd China International High-tech Achievement Fair will take this opportunity, the exhibition area will closely follow the industry hotspots, and focus on displaying 5G commercial hotspots and trends, including 5G smart poles, 5G micro-stations, 5G smart homes, 5G telemedicine, etc. .

In the future, 5G technology is no longer limited to the commercial field, but penetrates into various industries, and its huge potential is expected. See the achievements, but also meet the challenges, more cutting-edge high-tech and products. What do you think about this?