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The first phase of Hongli Mini/Micro LED semiconductor display project was officially put into production

On December 1, the commissioning ceremony of the first phase of the Hongli Mini/Micro LED semiconductor Display project with the theme of “Sharing the Real Vision” was held in Hongli Zhihui (300219) Guangzhou Headquarters Park. The first phase of the Mini/Micro LED semiconductor Display project plans to invest in 50 production lines. After reaching production, it can produce 20,000 sets of 75-inch TV backlights per month. The monthly production capacity of P0.9 RGB direct display products can reach 1,000 square meters.

It is understood that Mini/Micro LED technology has received widespread attention since 2019. Giants such as Apple, Samsung, TCL, Konka, and Xiaomi have launched terminal products such as LCD monitors, LCD TVs, and LED displays that apply Mini LED or similar technologies.

Mini/Micro LED semiconductor display project leader and general manager of Hongli Display Chen Yongming introduced that Hongli Zhihui established a professional team in 2018 to actively participate in the layout of Mini/Micro LED. The downstream first-line brands have worked closely together to complete the research and development of hundreds of Mini LED products, not only leading in technology, but also accumulating rich experience. At the same time, in order to speed up the mass production of products, the company has formed its own unique Mini LED product process route through continuous exploration and excellence in process technology, and the product performance has been greatly improved, especially when the ink color of the display products is consistent. In terms of quality and seam processing, it has been recognized by first-line brand customers at home and abroad. In the future, Hongli Mini/Micro display project plans to expand production capacity and speed up construction investment. It is estimated that the monthly output of 75-inch TV backlights will be 160,000 units, and the monthly production capacity of direct display products will reach 10,000 square meters.

Li Guoping, chairman of Hongli Zhihui Group, said that next, the company will fully promote the Mini / Micro LED project to achieve breakthroughs in technology, production capacity, brand and resources, so as to speed up the realization of the group’s strategic layout, improve the group’s profitability and core competitiveness.

Li Jundong, President of Hongli Zhihui Group, and Peng Junbiao, Dean of the School of Materials Science and Engineering of South China University of Technology, signed an agreement to jointly establish a joint laboratory. The two parties will jointly explore Mini/Micro LED materials, solve the technical difficulties faced by the Mini/Micro LED process, and jointly improve the mass transfer technology.

Sun Yue, President of Luzhou Laojiao Group, said in his speech at the event that Luzhou Laojiao Group vigorously implements the “11265” development strategy, and Hongli Zhihui is an important strategic layout of Luzhou Laojiao Group in the high-tech sector, and Luzhou Laojiao Group will continue to do so as always. Maintain an attitude of full trust and authorization to Hongli Zhihui, and provide sufficient “ammunition” to support the business development of Hongli Zhihui.

Hongli Zhihui Group was founded in 2004, headquartered in Guangzhou, China, and listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in May 2011. The company’s main business includes LED packaging, LED automotive lighting and other sectors. In January 2020, Hongli Zhihui won the first prize of the 2019 National Science and Technology Progress Award issued by the State Council of the People’s Republic of China.

Mini LED direct display and backlight products are the main development direction of Hongli Zhihui. The company has successfully cooperated with domestic first-line brand manufacturers such as TCL, Konka, Huaxing, Tianma, BOE and Huike to develop a batch of Mini LED display products. and backlight products.