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The General Assembly has won the honor of “Top Ten Best International Brand Distributors” for 20 consecutive years – digital transformation layout to meet the challenges of the next decade

On November 10, 2020, Dalian General Holdings, a leading semiconductor component distributor dedicated to the Asia-Pacific market, won the “Top Ten Best International Brand Distributors” award from the electronics industry media AspenCore. From 2001 to 2020, with the strong strength accumulated in the distribution field and the keen perception and quick response to industry trends, the General Assembly has won this award for 20 consecutive years.

2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. The outbreak of the novel coronavirus pneumonia has brought more uncertainty to the development of the entire semiconductor industry. Coinciding with the new challenges brought by the epidemic, the General Assembly has made preparations in advance to deal with the new changes in the next decade since 2015, and opened the road of comprehensive digital transformation of enterprises. The driving force of the intelligent supply chain platform ecosystem is gradually being established.

In line with the core development concept of digital transformation of “focusing on customers, empowering technology, coordinating ecology, and creating an era”, in 2018, the General Assembly established a digital platform – “Dawang”, which has “DaDa” and “Dabang”. , “Daigou”, “Datong” and “Dapin” 5 subnets, aiming to promote the efficient digital transformation of enterprises by means of an online digital platform.

In addition to “information flow”, another major axis in digital transformation, “logistics”, is also one of the problems that the electronics industry urgently needs to solve. To this end, the General Assembly proposed an innovative “Logistics as a Service” (LaaS) model, and regarded it as an important development strategy for the next era of the General Assembly. Through the LaaS model, the General Assembly further extends the value of logistics services to the client, and extends the operation model from the past B2B to B2B2P. While solving the pain points of downstream product manufacturers, it also solves, shares and controls warehousing costs for upstream customers. The United Nations General Assembly expects to actively respond to the challenges faced by customers in the practice of intelligent manufacturing, quickly deliver the parts required by customers directly to the customer’s production workshop, and achieve customers with intelligent manufacturing logistics services. Partners win.

Different from the recently proposed LaaS model, “Da Dawang” has been running smoothly for two years. The “Dabang” platform is a free customized order management platform provided by Dalian University for customers with diverse needs. Through “Dabang”, customers can quickly place orders and easily grasp information such as order processing progress, shipment and arrival notifications, which greatly improves work efficiency. At present, the cumulative number of registered customers on the “Dabang” platform has exceeded 6,000, and the cumulative number of orders has exceeded 60,000. In a short period of time, the “Dabang” platform has handed over a dazzling transcript.

In order to meet the technical needs of front-line developers and related practitioners, the General Assembly has also launched a knowledge sharing platform “Datong”. “Datong” brings together more than 1,000 solutions in the application fields of Intelligent Internet of Things (AIoT), Internet of Vehicles, power supply, etc., and more than 2,000 various technical blog posts. Experts provide users with efficient professional support online, effectively connecting corporate customers, original factories, third-party partners and the R&D team of the General Assembly through knowledge. In 2021, “Datong” will continue to strengthen the relationship with the original factory, obtain the support of the latest main technical content, and is expected to hold nearly 50 online technical seminars (Webinar) throughout the year; Continue to interact with the industry, enrich the content of the development board on the associated sub-network “Daigou”, and build a complete and closed new ecosystem of digital transformation.

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