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The most high-end speaker in the history of Xiaomi opens up the iOS system!

Recently, @米Intelligent ecological official micro-post said: Xiaomi Sound speakers have fully supported 5 kinds of music playback methods, just a simple point, a touch, a sentence, you can fill the whole house with wonderful music!

According to the official poster, Xiaomi Sound has added support for AirPlay 2 playback under Apple’s iOS system. Apple devices can “deliver” music to Xiaomi Sound through the system’s own function, which is delayed compared to Bluetooth connection. Lower and smoother.

It should be noted that the official did not disclose whether Xiaomi Sound supports the stereo effect of multiple speakers under AirPlay 2. Previously, the official said that Xiaomi Sound can support 8 combinations to achieve the effect of whole-house playback.

It is reported that Xiaomi Sound is also the highest-end speaker product of Xiaomi. It has a built-in 2.25-inch neodymium-iron-boron dual-magnetic circuit full-frequency unit, which can reach a shocking sound pressure of up to 90dB and dive to 70Hz full bass.

It is also equipped with 2 54mm x 44mm double suspension passive radiators, Ti class D digital power amplifier, and the top sound cone design can also reduce the interference of the placement face.

Officially, it has Harman hall-level tuning and Hi-Res Audio high-resolution certification, bringing a better listening experience through innovative computing audio.

In terms of appearance, Xiaomi Sound adopts a non-porous design as a whole, with a suspended CD textured top cover, and the top cover part is both a control panel and a sound guide cone. The speaker adopts a hidden base, and 6 microphones are hidden in the groove.

Among them, the pearlescent silver body of the silver starlight version can also have a wonderful refraction reflection with the ambient light, which can present a star-like effect on the desktop, just like an art ornament.