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This Taiwanese company’s production capacity cannot keep up or the global “core shortage” will continue until 2025

Reference News Network reported on November 2 According to a recent report on the Singapore Lianhe Zaobao website, Nanya Circuit Board Co., Ltd. is not a household name in the global technology industry, but the components produced by this little-known Taiwanese company are now becoming The latest “bottleneck” encountered by multinational auto companies and electronics companies in the “chip shortage”. This type of component is called Ajinomoto Stacked Film (ABF) substrate, which is used for chip packaging and is one of the “lowest-profile” components in the chip industry.

New media quoted Bloomberg’s report that many of the world’s most advanced semiconductors are inseparable from ABF substrates. Although giants such as Intel and TSMC have spent hundreds of billions of dollars to alleviate the chip shortage, the shortage of this component may delay production for several years. According to people familiar with the matter, due to limited production capacity, the shortage of supplies may continue until at least 2025.

Intel, Nvidia, and AMD executives have warned of shortages in recent months. A person familiar with the matter who requested anonymity due to the undisclosed information revealed that Broadcom recently informed customers that the delivery time of the main router chip has been extended from 63 weeks to 70 weeks due to the shortage of ABF substrates.

This crisis shows that nearly two years after the outbreak of the new crown epidemic, global supply chains are still vulnerable to damage. It is difficult for companies and investors to predict where the next shock will come from.

Hanbury, an analyst at Bain Strategy Consultants, believes: “This crisis has caught some giants in the industry by surprise. The outbreak of the epidemic and the prevalence of home offices have created strong market demand for PCs, game cards, and cloud services. This key component suddenly It has become a real problem that gets stuck in the necks of giants such as AMD and Nvidia.”

As a result, the normally low-key companies of Nanya Circuit Board have become stock market stars. The company’s stock price has soared by 1219% in the past three years, and analysts expect it to rise in the future. The share prices of ABF substrate manufacturers such as Xinxing Electronics, Kinsus Technology, and Ibiden Co., Ltd. are also climbing.

Market analysis agency Ace Research Institute analyst Hideki Yasuda said: “As shipments soar, the profits of these companies are expected to continue to soar in the next few years.”

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