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Tokyo International Electronics Fair opens, which technologies will lead the future of science and technology

With the expansion of business cooperation in the world, Japan’s manufacturing industry has developed rapidly. According to relevant data, in terms of the electronics industry, Japan’s electronics industry has successfully produced products of “high quality and low price” starting from “cheap prices and poor quality”. However, based on Japan’s concentration and seriousness in things, Japan’s electronics industry developed rapidly during the period from 1970 to 1985.

In this short period of 15 years, the output value of Japan’s electronics industry has increased fivefold, domestic demand has tripled, and exports have increased by 11 times, reaching a peak of about 26 trillion yen in 2000. Since then, the Japanese electronics industry has become world-renowned!

However, the anode is bound to decline. When Japan’s development reaches a peak, it will inevitably go “downhill” – according to statistics, in 2013, the Japanese electronics industry began to decline. However, is the Japanese electronics industry really going downhill?

Travel thousands of miles to see the industry’s top events

How to get a glimpse of top technology? Only the exhibition!

In Japan’s electronics industry event, NEPCON JAPAN is one of the best! As a comprehensive exhibition of “Electronic Packaging & Manufacturing”, NEPCON JAPAN has grown and expanded with the development of Japan’s electronics industry, and has gone through more than 30 years. And AUTOMOTIVE WORLD was held concurrently with this exhibition.

According to the organizer, Reed Exhibitions of Japan, the two exhibitions held this time attracted a total of 2,100 companies, including 440 from overseas (non-Japanese companies). During the three-day exhibition, it is expected to attract about 70,000 professional visitors from all over the world to participate in the conference site.

exhibition site

exhibition site

exhibition site

The Japanese electronics industry in the “downhill road”?

In this NEPCON JAPAN exhibition, Reed Exhibitions, as the organizer, has set up electronic product manufacturing equipment and component technology exhibition, electronic component testing equipment and development technology exhibition, electronic component packaging equipment and development technology exhibition, and printed circuit exhibition. , Electronic components and Materials Exhibition, Precision Processing Technology Exhibition and LED and semiconductor Laser Exhibition seven professional theme exhibitions.

For this exhibition, it is not difficult to see that many companies have come up with the latest electronic equipment. The editor of OFweek Weike website found that this exhibition was organized by more than 1,000 upstream and downstream enterprises from the electronics industry such as Fuji Precision, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Canon, Toshiba, etc. Be involved together.

exhibition site

exhibition site

In this NEPCON JAPAN exhibition, ultrasonic testing, X-ray testing, 3D testing, high-precision metal 3D printing, placement machines, M2M platforms, high-density printing machines, welding automation, industrial robotic arms, triangular robots, vibration control suppression, Electroplating, resin polishing, dicing machine, high-resolution camera, CT inspection, tape machine and other products and related technologies. At the same time, different enterprises also provide a large number of intelligent solutions for different scenarios based on smart factories, smart production lines, and smart detection.

According to the editor of OFweek, compared with the previous electronic exhibitions, this exhibition is not only larger in scale, but also more inclined to the technical level. Secondly, there are a large number of latest products in the products displayed by the participating companies.

exhibition site

exhibition site

Through this exhibition, it is enough for the audience to understand the current development findings and trends of the global electronics industry, and to master the latest electronics industry technology and status quo!

exhibition site

exhibition site

It can be seen that the Japanese electronics industry is not going “downhill”. For the Japanese electronics industry, it is more of a “high-end” road. On this road, Japanese companies are in a completely different situation from companies in other countries. According to the former director of Reed Exhibitions, Japan (ネプコン Affairs Director): “Japanese companies develop independently and rely on their own technology and strength to win the market.”

Former 薗 (ネプコン Office Director)

For companies in other countries, most of them are led by the local government, thereby accelerating the development of the industry. For Japanese electronics companies, they can only begin to move towards the path of transformation:

1. Provide technical support and services: Japanese companies, through cooperation with other companies, send technicians to provide technical support to cooperative companies and promote the common development of cooperative companies;

2. Improve self-technical strength: For Japanese electronics companies, technical accumulation and related experience over the years are their core capital. Under this advantage, they continue to deepen research and development and develop to achieve transformation.

Only competition can promote the development of technology

With the rapid development of the global electronics industry, Japan, as a leader in the global electronics industry, also feels the slightest threat, but for Japanese companies, it is not too worried. According to the relevant personnel of the participating companies: ” Although global companies are constantly expanding 5G, Internet of Things, AI and other industries, for Japanese companies, they will not be easily defeated in this era.

He believes that Japanese companies have several advantages over companies from other countries:

1. They will not randomly cross-line to do unfamiliar industries, but will provide relevant services in accordance with the needs of users, thereby consolidating their advantages in this field;

2. Years of technical accumulation. The electronics industry is different from other industries, especially in the current environment, many companies need more professional technologies and products;

3. A “truthful” attitude. Japanese companies advocate the “artisan spirit”, not only for products, but also for themselves. For each of their products, Japanese companies will first ask themselves whether they are 100% accurate, and if not, continue to polish them.

The former director of Reed Exhibitions Corporation of Japan (ネプコン Affairs Director) said that with the development of global technology, Japanese companies are also facing a lot of competition. Only constant competition can truly promote the rapid development of the technology industry.

Wonderful, continue tomorrow

However, this exhibition will close on January 17. Through this exhibition, the audience will also better understand and be familiar with the current situation and future development trends of the global electronics and automotive industries. At the same time, through speeches and communication with global leading companies, it will also bring new development ideas and new world views to the representatives of participating companies, so as to better promote the development and cooperation of enterprises.

How to participate:

1. On-site participation

Exhibition address: Japan · Tokyo Ariake International Exhibition Center

Participation time: January 15-17, 2020

Image source: Source Reed Exhibitions

2. Online participation

OFweek Live Streaming Platform:

During this exhibition, the OFweek live broadcast room also paid attention to the AUTOMOTIVE WORLD exhibition in the same period. In the AUTOMOTIVE WORLD exhibition, OFweek editors will pay attention to automotive electronics technology, vehicle networking technology, EV/HEV drive system technology exhibition, auto parts/ Processing technology exhibition, automotive lightweight technology, autonomous driving technology, engineering design and development solutions and other fields and related technologies and solutions, and through the OFweek live broadcast room for the broad audience We will update on-site dynamics from time to time, and bring forward-looking technology and news reports in related fields to you, so stay tuned!