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Toyota integrates blockchain into autonomous driving for data security

Recently, Toyota Blockchain Lab, a subsidiary of Japan’s Toyota Motor, announced that it will further explore the possibilities of blockchain technology. To achieve its goal of becoming a “mobility company,” Toyota intends to use blockchain technology to develop an environment where users can connect more openly and securely with Toyota and its services, and further with more external companies. Strategic partnership.

In fact, as early as 2017, Toyota Research Institute, a subsidiary of Toyota Motor, has cooperated with MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) laboratories and five companies to jointly conduct research on the combination of blockchain technology and autonomous vehicles. Toyota said that the project will open up a common database for car companies and users, where everyone can securely write and share data, including test and driving record data for autonomous vehicles, as well as self-driving shared travel data. Users’ usage data, etc., can be used to implement applications such as pricing insurance for the self-driving car industry.

After that, Toyota established a blockchain laboratory in April 2019. The purpose of the establishment is to verify the practicability of blockchain technology through cross-organization cooperation. Currently, the verification of blockchain technology application includes customers (improving personal information management) ), vehicles (accumulate and use the vehicle life cycle to improve new services), supply chain (record and share parts manufacturing to improve business process efficiency), and value digitization (diversify financing methods by digitizing various assets).

“Hundreds of billions of kilometers of human driving data are likely to be used for the safety and comfort development of autonomous vehicles.” said the head of mobility at the Toyota Research Institute, “blockchain technology will effectively process data from private car owners, fleet management The massive, mixed data of automakers and automakers, and help to reach autonomous driving research and development goals faster, in this way improve the safety, efficiency and comfort of autonomous driving technology.”