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u-blox and Molex collaborate on modular connectivity platform for smart cars

According to foreign media reports, positioning and wireless communication technology supplier u-blox has cooperated with interconnection products supplier Molex to develop the MAX (Smart Vehicle Modular Vehicle Connectivity) platform. In this cooperation, the NEO-M8L and TOBY-L4 modules are built into the MAX connection platform, which supports receiving data and transmitting data to the backend through the mobile network, and also supports mobile Internet access and positioning.


(Image source: u-blox official website)

Molex can be integrated with Tier 1 systems to provide high-speed networking, data communications, and is a rugged industrial and automotive solution that supports the design and development of innovative architectures for smart cars. Since the automotive-grade GNSS module NEO-M8L supports positioning, the ECU can accurately obtain the vehicle position at any time. The solution can be positioned not only by GPS, but also by Galileo, Beidou and Glonass. As a result, MAX can be deployed globally, providing a flexible, scalable solution for global mobility providers, OEMs and system suppliers.

MAX provides high-quality vehicle networks for traditional and new mobility providers. MAX is suitable for small series such as vans or targeted innovative electric vehicle projects. As the central node of the vehicle, MAX can realize network connections inside and outside the vehicle. Molex says the solution is flexible, scalable, and an open software concept that addresses the key needs of the dynamic mobility market.

Andreas Thiel, Head of u-blox Product Center and Co-Founder, said, “We are delighted to be working with Molex and using two u-blox modules as the core of the MAX connectivity platform. This collaboration demonstrates u-blox’s commitment to Provide automotive customers with best-in-class positioning and wireless communication solutions.”

MAX can be individually configured to meet the different needs of customers. The platform combines advanced communication technology with the necessary degree of standardization to control costs. In addition, its individual modular functionality reduces time-to-market compared to customized solutions. For telematics providers, MAX can be used as the basis for back-end connectivity and for developing various applications.