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Under the trend of chip shortages, APM32 MCU replacement accelerates

Introduction: In the first half of 2021, the impact of chip supply and demand imbalance continues, overseas IC manufacturers’ inventory is in a low warning, domestic Foundry factories are expanding production at full capacity, and downstream terminals are turning to purchaseable and alternative designs in the face of supply shortage crisis. Other manufacturers; chip shortages have brought rare dividends to alternative IC factories and wafer equipment factories. The domestic Jihai semiconductor accelerates the replacement process with the excellent portability and product advantages of the APM32 series of MCUs, and I love the solution network to actively bring it into the APM32 series MCU product alternative design cases, and successfully implemented applications in charging piles, power carrier concentrator modules, etc.

In the past year, the semiconductor industry has undergone an astonishing transformation. Beginning in the middle of 2020, the IC market has begun to rebound, chip demand has suddenly increased, and shortages have begun to emerge, which has led to a gradual increase in market prices. ST and other overseas factories have delayed their normal delivery cycles of 6-9 weeks to more than 26 weeks. On the other hand, in China, under the background of advocating the development of China’s indigenous semiconductor industry, semiconductor manufacturers have accelerated their production capacity and IC inventory has risen sharply; overseas factories have limited production capacity, and most of the inventory has fallen into a low warning.

According to the latest shipment report from the International Semiconductor Industry Association (SEMI), the global Foundry factory wafer capacity can only be released after 2022. Specifically, 19 wafer factories will be built in 2021, and another 10 will be built in 2022. After 29 wafer fabs are completed, global wafer production capacity will increase by 2.6 million wafers/month. Among them, the total target of 12-inch wafer production capacity of local Chinese manufacturers is 1.454 million pieces/month. It means that with the huge domestic production capacity growth and the constantly advancing substitution trend, the IC supply chain is expected to usher in a wave of accelerated substitution.

Chip price rises and out of stock alternative materials become “sweet pastry”

For the current severe shortage of stocks facing the chip market, replacing IC has become the next development opportunity. According to the “2021 Q2 Innovation Online Comprehensive Index” report released by IC Trading Network, the supply and demand imbalance of 8-inch wafers has increased, and the supply of microcontrollers (MCU), power management ICs (PMIC), and discrete semiconductors continues to be tight. In terms of product categories, MCU is still the IC category with the most demand in the market, and 32-bit MCUs are still the most popular IC in the market. The search ranking of “IC Trading Network” occupies the first position.

Among the hot searched overseas IC supplier models, ST, TI, and ADI are the main ones. TI is affected by the shortage of supply, and the delivery date has been extended, further intensifying the market enthusiasm of TI materials, especially its power management models, such as those starting with TPS. After ADI announced the price increase in early April, the delivery period was also extended, and the price increase of many part numbers was amazing, such as: ADM3251EARWZ. After ST issued a price increase letter in mid-to-late May, some models have generally increased, and some prices have exceeded the accepted prices, such as: STM32F103VET6.


Source: IC Trading, Innovation Online Comprehensive Index

At the same time, affected by the outbreak of the epidemic in Malaysia and Taiwan, the supply gap has increased, coupled with the increase in production demand, the delivery period of related IC categories in the second quarter has generally been more than doubled, and many domestic and overseas original manufacturers in the upstream end have increased their prices to ensure their own In the face of increased prices and no goods, the downstream end actively seeks alternatives from other manufacturers. For example, the hot search and successful use cases of the Jihai alternative material number “APM32F103 series” have increased significantly.

Compared with ST’s scary price and shortage situation, using APM32F030, APM32F103, APM32F072 and other series chip models can directly replace STM32 corresponding models, and can be replaced by PIN TO PIN; it is compatible with ST products of the same model without changing the hardware. Just make appropriate code adjustments. For example, the mainstream APM32F103 series of MCUs have been successfully applied to charging piles, power carrier concentrator modules, electric bicycles, BMS battery management, sweepers, ticket printers, and automotive diagnostics.

 Chart: Jihai APM32 series MCU benchmarking STM32

  A strong alliance, APM32 MCU replaces acceleration

Picture: Jihai Semiconductor Industrial APM Series MCU

Under the current situation where the semiconductor industry is facing shortages in multiple market segments, Jihai Semiconductor is accelerating its rapid portability by virtue of its 32-bit general-purpose MCU products, which can perfectly replace imported chips, support rapid code migration, expansion and upgrade, etc. MCU replacement process. As a partner, has actively imported suitable platform projects and plans for it; at the same time, the project manager has further docked offline to increase the success rate of the introduction.

For example, two customers recently introduced by My Love Solution Network-Jiangji Industrial adopts Jihai APM32F103VCT6 MCU to design the charging pile controller solution; Lihe Micro uses Jihai APM32F103RCT6 instead of STM32F103RCT6 chip to design and develop the power carrier.器module program. The main advantage of using APM series MCUs to replace is to shorten product test verification or design time, reduce development costs, and achieve optimal performance.


Picture: Jihai APM32F103VCT6


Picture: Jihai APM32F103RCT6

The high-performance mainstream APM32F103VCT6 and APM32F103RCT6 belong to the extremely sea industrial-grade APM32F103xC series of MCUs, based on the 32-bit ARM? Cortex?-M3 core, built-in 2 CAN, compatible with 2.0A and 2.0B (active) specifications, and the communication rate can reach up to 1Mbit/ s, which can ensure communication reliability and improve real-time performance at the same time; support USB and CAN interfaces to work independently at the same time, which helps to expand rich industrial and automotive application scenarios.

In general, the APM32 series of industrial-grade general-purpose MCUs have low power consumption, high performance, high integration, easy transplantation, support 96-bit unique device ID (UID), ESD up to 8KV, meet industrial-grade reliability standards, and have strong immunity Interference and anti-static capability. The operating temperature of the full range of products covers -40°C~+105°C, meeting the temperature requirements of harsh working environments. At present, it has been used in industrial control, automotive applications, smart homes, consumer electronics, and medical equipment. Successful alternative case support.

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