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Upgraded proximity sensor offers more than a contact tracer

Suntsu has expanded its InvisiShield workplace proximity sensor to add a contact tracing system. Infections like Covid-19 circulated through social contact. Airborne viruses may spread between two people closer than 6′, and it can be difficult to judge or remember all your close social contacts over a day, let alone a week.

Using UWB technology for RLTS provides users with a wearable solution offering precise measurements and competitive pricing. The company has upgraded it to a complete contact tracing system to keep people safe now and in future situations.

This wearable contact tracer providers users with two significant benefits. Firstly, it nudges people into maintaining a safe social distance with a customisable proximity sensor and alarm. Secondly, it records enough information to begin a robust and effective employee contact tracing process if an employee gets a positive Covid-19 test.

The company’s approach to product design is to leverage the technology to provide the customer with more functionality. A wearable contact tracer is very easy for employees – they don’t require hours of training, and the employer gets high uptake and compliance. Wearing the device is no different from wearing an ID tag and needs minimal employee involvement.