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UTE Technology’s intelligent lock control system helps the first smart substation in China put into operation

On November 6, the first domestic smart substation “based on the concept of ubiquitous power Internet of Things” – the 110 kV Shangxi smart substation, was officially connected to the grid in Shanghe, Jinan, Shandong. The station is one of the first seven smart substation pilot construction projects of State Grid Corporation. The construction scale is 110kV, 35kV, and 10kV three voltage levels. After being put into operation, the grid structure of Shanghe Power Grid can be further optimized. Provide safe and stable electricity guarantee for people to meet the peak winter.


As a mainstream supplier of State Grid Corporation of China, UTE Technology has tailored an intelligent lock control system for the 110 kV Shangxi Smart Substation. Relying on physical ID and RFID sensing technology, the system can quickly identify the operation process of equipment, and realize short-range identification, automatic storage and information sharing, and help substations realize the purpose of comprehensive state perception, information interconnection and sharing, and friendly human-computer interaction during the operation process. Thereby, the traditional operation and maintenance mode of “people-oriented” has been changed, and the work efficiency of personnel and the monitoring level of equipment and operating environment have been improved.


The idea of ​​pilot construction of smart substations is an important manifestation of the development strategy of State Grid Corporation of China to build a “strong smart grid and ubiquitous power Internet of Things”, and the successful commissioning of the 110kV Shangxi smart substation marks a new milestone in the pilot construction of smart substations. It also indicates that the operation, inspection and control of smart substations has entered a more intelligent and efficient era. In the future, UTE Technology will also assist in the construction of pilot smart substations in Hengyang, Hunan and Xiaogan, Hubei, and contribute to the safe operation of the power industry with the experience and technology accumulated in the field of power security for more than 30 years.