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ViewSonic ViewSonic Multiple Biometric Authentication Solution

The world’s leading provider of visual solutions products, ViewSonic, will be exhibiting at the annual professional financial exhibition in Shenzhen, China from November 4th to November 6th, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Hall 1, booth A510-A511. During the exhibition, a full range of advanced Electronic signature pads and electronic signature software from 5 to 20 inches will be displayed, providing professional electronic signature solutions for banks and financial institutions.

With the increasingly fierce market competition in the financial industry and the need for personal service becoming more and more important, the requirement to reduce operating costs is becoming more and more obvious. Electronic signatures are also increasingly valued and popularized, gradually changing the Due to the disadvantages of inconvenience, high cost, and a lot of resource consumption during service, ViewSonic Electromagnetic Pen Display Division understands customer needs and provides customers with complete needs and solutions.

ViewSonic electromagnetic pen display has been used in the banking and financial field for a long time, providing users with more secure and reliable intelligent services of biometric authentication and electronic authentication, providing additional network security through electromagnetic display (EMR) technology and multiple authentication. In addition to biometric verification methods including fingerprint, NFC, etc., ViewSonic offers an industry leading e-signature authentication solution that focuses on biometric data verification and is compliant with e-signatures including EU eIDAS and UETA/ESIGN Act Statutes and Regulations. In addition to AES256 + RSA2048 hardware encryption on the device, ViewSonic also provides e-signature authentication software, ViewSign, to verify collected data, including e-signature speed, shape, timing and pen pressure, to keep important information safe and secure.

Many domestic banking units such as Mintai Bank and Guangdong Huaxing Bank have successfully introduced ViewSonic PD1011 electronic signature pad, equipped with 2048-level high-precision pen pressure sensing, USB data cable integrated signal transmission and power supply, and supports Windows operating system and Digital signature software is used for front-end work such as when customers sign electronically or when applying for documents. All documents can be displayed on the screen of the electromagnetic pen display and confirmed by the customer, and stored in a secure cloud device after being certified by ViewSonic CA, so that the funds and personal information deposited by the customer can be safely stored. The front desk counter staff of Mintai Bank emphasized: “The introduction of the ViewSonic electromagnetic pen display can not only reduce the use of paper and save resources, but more importantly, the service efficiency of our counter has been improved by 20-30%! The time saved can be used for It allows us to provide better service to our customers, and customer satisfaction has greatly improved.”

Li Rongjun, General Manager of ViewSonic Electromagnetic Pen Display Products Division, said: “Everyone’s signature is unique, and ViewSonic Electromagnetic Pen Display cannot be copied or forged by others. The new authentication software analyzes the four characteristics of electronic signatures – shape, Speed, time, and pen pressure make everyone’s signature unique and cannot be easily imitated. Compared with traditional paper and pen signatures, which are prone to errors by visual recognition, electronic signatures are not only faster but also more accurate.” The new ViewSonic electronic signature authentication system can quickly verify and compare the customer’s electronic signature with the server’s biometric file from the back-end server, which can quickly provide high-quality services, and improve the accuracy and speed of verification. Reduce manual verification errors.

ViewSonic not only provides a variety of display products from 5 inches to 21.5 inches, but also has insight into future market trends and user needs, showing a variety of capacitive pen tablet PCs, supporting Windows and Android systems, allowing users to work smoothly. ViewSonic not only considers improving network security for companies, but also helps enterprises improve network security. It can also improve the efficiency of business processes and thus reduce operating costs. ViewSonic has many successful cases around the world, has achieved amazing annual growth, and quickly became a global industry leader.