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Western Digital officially provides samples of new 20TB SMR and 18TB CMR hard drives

News Highlights:

The 20TB UltrastarTM DC HC650 SMR HDD and 18TB Ultrastar DC HC550 CMR HDD are now sampling to more than a dozen enterprise OEMs and hyperscale cloud users around the world, including Dropbox.

·The new Ultrastar HDD adopts Western Digital’s first large-scale commercial energy-assisted magnetic recording technology, providing unparalleled areal density and storage efficiency, supplemented by Western Digital’s HelioSealTM Ultrastar HDD, which is recognized by the industry for its excellent quality and durability.

Western Digital listens to customers and responds to user expectations for higher storage density, better performance and lower power consumption, the new Ultrastar HDDs provide a better total cost of ownership, both now and in the long run (TCO) value, can help users save more space and cost, and build a data center with higher energy efficiency.

· High-capacity enterprise-class hard drives continue to provide better user TCO for online data storage.

Beijing, December 26, 2019 – Western Digital (NASDAQ: WDC) today announced that it has begun sampling high-capacity HDDs to OEM customers and hyperscale data center users in the global enterprise storage space. The 20TB Ultrastar DC HC650 SMR HDD and the 18TB Ultrastar DC HC550 CMR HDD initially had a tech preview in June 2019 and were released in September 2019. The product is the first to commercialize energy-assisted magnetic recording technology on a 9-disk platform, enabling users to more efficiently configure and scale their data center environments with better total cost of ownership.

With ZB-scale data growth, the need for higher-capacity data storage across multiple applications and workloads can only be reliably met with high-capacity enterprise-class HDDs. Compared to current 14TB CMR HDDs, Western Digital Ultrastar 20TB SMR and 18TB CMR HelioSeal HDDs offer industry-leading capacity advantages, enabling users to deploy 22% fewer racks, resulting in up to 11% lower TCO; Data center energy consumption and cooling costs while reducing demands on data center infrastructure.

Western Digital has achieved industry-leading areal densities in these drives through the innovative use of energy-assisted magnetic recording. Drive capacity has been significantly increased with an integrated solution provided by proprietary energy-assisted recording technology along with the company’s HelioSeal and SMR technologies, head drive three-level seek positioning technology, and a 9-disk platform.

“The number of petabytes (PB) delivered to hyperscale cloud data centers, as well as OEM storage systems and servers, will grow at a compound annual growth rate of 28% through 2023, according to IDC’s forecasts,” said Ed Burns, research director, hard drive and storage technologies at IDC. As a result, the market outlook for capacity-optimized enterprise hard drives remains very optimistic. Western Digital’s new 20TB and 18TB HDDs provide a compelling case for users to transition to high-capacity HDDs: as they hope to achieve more in the short term High data storage capacity and better energy efficiency, while building a more cost-effective and scalable infrastructure for future needs.”

Phil Bullinger, senior vice president and general manager of Western Digital’s Data Center Business Unit, said: “The availability of Ultrastar 20TB SMR and 18TB CMR HDD samples is an important milestone for Western Digital – demonstrating our commitment to building an open ecosystem based on SMR technology. Continued commitment, and our successful innovations that provide great value to our users. The new hard drive products provide users with unprecedented high capacity per disk, the first to adopt energy-assisted magnetic recording technology, which can improve the efficiency of data centers to a higher level , and derive enormous value from the data.”


Western Digital is now sampling the 20TB Ultrastar DC HC650 SMR HDD and 18TB Ultrastar DC HC550 CMR HDD, while validation and mass shipments are expected to begin in the first half of 2020.


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