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Xiaomi modular mobile phone patent exposure: easy replacement of battery, camera

According to foreign media news, a new patent for Xiaomi’s modular mobile phone has flowed out. The patent shows that the Xiaomi modular phone consists of three modules: the first module (top part) contains the PCB (main board) and the camera, the second module (middle part) houses the battery, and the third module (bottom part) contains the interface and speakers. To better showcase the phone, Dutch graphic designer Jermaine Smit created a set of product renderings based on Xiaomi’s patents.

The modules are described in the patent as being easily interchangeable and capable of incorporating other features, such as speakers and zoom cameras. By modularizing important components, Xiaomi mobile phones have become more convenient to replace batteries and cameras.

However, it should be noted that the patent does not mean that there will be related products on the market. Motorola, LG and other brands have also launched modular mobile phones before. Unfortunately, these models have not caused a great response.

The patent also shows and describes two different camera modules. The first module is a square camera system consisting of three cameras and a flash, and the second module is a vertical camera system consisting of four cameras. It is worth noting that the lens at the bottom is square, which Indicates that the camera module has a periscope zoom camera.