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Xiaopeng Motors announces charging cooperation with NIO Power

On December 11, Xiaopeng Motors officially announced that it has signed a contract with NIO Power. The two parties will cooperate in the interconnection and interoperability of charging business to provide car owners with a convenient travel charging experience.

According to the cooperation agreement, Xiaopeng Motors will gradually realize the interconnection of charging pile distribution data and payment process nationwide with NIO Power. Car owners can also use Xiaopeng super charging piles to power up their journeys in many first- and second-tier cities across the country. As an online benefit of this cooperation, on December 12, Xiaopeng car owners can charge at the Weilai supercharger station that has been connected to the Xiaopeng APP, and can be exempted from paying service fees.

In addition to the interconnection and cooperation of charging stations, NIO Power will also join the Xiaopeng Motors home charging business supplier system to provide home charging pile installation services for some Xiaopeng Motors owners.

(Data map; the picture comes from the official website of Xiaopeng Motors)

Xiao Bin, senior vice president of Xpeng Motors, said: “Xpeng Motors is very pleased to have reached an interconnection cooperation with NIO Power. As the pioneers of OEMs exploring innovation in the self-operated charging business, Xpeng Motors and NIO Power will jointly In the cooperation, we will explore a more efficient public charging network operation model and work hard to expand the travel radius of users.”

It is reported that since the first batch of 30 super charging stations were officially put into operation in March 2019, the Xpeng Motors super charging network has begun to take shape. Second-tier cities provide users with a high-quality fast charging experience. At present, the average charging power of a single pile of Xiaopeng super charging station can reach 90kW, and it provides convenient services such as free parking for up to 2 hours and extremely fast WIFI. At the same time, Xiaopeng Motors is also continuing to promote the interconnection and cooperation of charging stations. It has successively introduced Teele and NIO Power, and will continue to introduce more high-quality third-party charging network partners in the future.