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Xiaowan Hydropower Station, the first domestic monitoring system for 700 MW units

On August 6, Huaneng Ruiwo HNICS-H316, China’s first 700 MW hydropower unit monitoring system independently developed by Huaneng Group, was put into operation at the Xiaowan Hydropower Station in Yunnan, marking that the core monitoring system of my country’s large-scale hydropower stations has become independent and controllable. new level. The world situation is turbulent, and international hegemons have used their past advantages to implement embargoes and frequent neck-stuck incidents. The commissioning of this system has made a huge contribution to promoting the localization and replacement of core technologies in China’s power field.

The computer monitoring system of the hydropower station is the “nerve center” of the automation system, the core control system of the hydropower station, and an important basis for ensuring the safe and stable operation of the power grid. In terms of safety protection of the power monitoring system, Xiaowan Hydropower Station has also deployed Beijing Xinda’s S-NUMEN core protection system to ensure the smooth and smooth operation of the power monitoring system. The centralized control center of Huaneng Lancang River Company, Nuozhadu, Gongguoqiao, Longkaikou, Huangdeng, Wulonglong, Lidi, Miaowei and Cambodian Sanhe hydropower stations have also deployed Beijing Xinda’s S-NUMEN core protection system.

Xiaowan Power Station chooses Beijing Xinda’s “Heping Unified” intelligent security protection solution based on smart power stations, which can achieve unified management and control of different manufacturers, different brands of security equipment and security components in the network without the need to coordinate equipment manufacturers. Joint defense linkage, automatic elimination of deficiencies, and construction of a comprehensive protection system with central triple protection. Realize the automation and intelligence of security protection, and effectively guarantee the smooth operation of unattended and intelligent power stations.

At present, there are already 1 general survey, more than 20 provincial surveys, hundreds of local surveys, and more than 10,000 factory users who have chosen Beijing Xinda’s S-NUMEN security products in the industrial control system security protection.