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Xilinx Alveo accelerator cards power SK Telecom’s real-time physical intrusion and theft detection services

November 5, 2019 Xilinx Corporation, a global leader in adaptive and intelligent computing, and SK Telecom today announced that SK Telecom uses Xilinx Alveo data center accelerator cards to enable artificial intelligence (AI)-based real-time physical intrusion and theft Detection service. SK Telecom’s AI Inference Accelerator (AIX) implemented on Xilinx Alveo cards uses deep neural networks to provide efficient and accurate physical intrusion detection. ADT CAPS, South Korea’s second largest physical security company, has approved and has embarked on commercial deployment of the physical intrusion detection service.

SK Telecom’s AI-based physical intrusion detection service, called T viewTM, can monitor hundreds of thousands of users’ commercial and home camera systems in real time and dispatch security personnel to the scene immediately in the event of a physical intrusion. Using deep neural networks to process massive amounts of data from thousands of cameras requires a powerful AI accelerator to provide sufficient throughput and accuracy.

T view uses the AI ​​Inference Accelerator (AIX) built on the Xilinx Alveo U250 accelerator card. Alveo U250 accelerator cards running on SK Telecom’s data center servers have demonstrated extremely high throughput and accuracy in theft detection services. Compared to industry-leading GPUs, the Alveo U250 accelerator card provides lower detection latency, achieves higher throughput (frames per second), and is proven cost-effective. The Alveo accelerator card provides higher throughput and accuracy, which not only means that more customers will be able to enjoy real-time security services based on artificial intelligence, but also means that it can provide more reliable security protection in the face of security threats.

Park Jin-hyo, CTO of SK Telecom and head of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) R&D Center, said: “In the era of artificial intelligence, new services are being deployed at an unprecedented speed, and we will continue to promote innovation in cloud systems. Providing more reliable and efficient services brings greater value to our customers. The joint collaboration with Xilinx on AIX represents a new achievement of SK Telecom in simplifying cloud systems for AI services.”

Xilinx Alveo accelerator cards are designed to meet the performance and flexibility demands of data center AI workloads, delivering 10x the performance of AI speech translation1 and 3x the throughput of video analytics pipelines relative to GPUs 2 more. With Xilinx? Based on the 16nm UltraScale+ architecture, Alveo accelerator cards can flexibly adapt to changing algorithms and acceleration requirements, support Domain-Specific Architecture (DSA) without changing hardware, and achieve performance optimization for a range of workloads while reducing total cost of ownership.

The Xilinx Alveo accelerator card is used for commercial deployment of AI services in SK Telecom’s data center, based on SK Telecom’s previously released Xilinx FPGA-based Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) application. Xilinx’s excellent acceleration capabilities for SK’s voice assistant, NUGU, have provided significant support for its market success.

“This partnership with SK Telecom is a major win for Xilinx in commercial AI services, and our collaboration with SK Telecom has greatly increased the risk of theft,” said Donna Yasay, vice president of marketing for Xilinx’s Data Center Group. Detection and prevention mechanism. At the same time, Xilinx’s leadership in real-time computing and analysis will help further expand artificial intelligence services in the Korean market. Xilinx Alveo accelerator cards have strong adaptability, low latency and High throughput, ideal for processing visual AI inference workloads in the T view service.”


The SK Telecom AIX accelerator and T view service, successfully implemented on the Alveo U250, are now available in Korea and are expected to be rolled out globally in autumn 2020. In addition, T view is also expected to be rolled out to more markets as a solution from other SK Telecom licensed companies.

About SK Telecom

SK Telecom is South Korea’s largest mobile operator with nearly 50% market share. As a pioneer in various generations of mobile networks, SK Telecom commercialized 5G networks on December 1, 2018, and announced the first batch of 5G smartphone users on April 3, 2019. With its world’s best 5G technology, SK Telecom will continue to transform the way customers work, live and play, and enter a highly innovative era. With its extraordinary strength in mobile services, SK Telecom also strives to create unprecedented value in ICT-related markets such as media, security and commerce. For more information, please visit.

About Xilinx

Xilinx is committed to enabling rapid innovation in many different technologies, from endpoint to edge to cloud, by developing highly flexible and adaptive processing platforms. Xilinx is the inventor of FPGAs, hardware programmable SoCs, and ACAPs to deliver the industry’s most dynamic processor technology for an adaptive, intelligent, and connected future world.

1. Converter NMT (symbols per second) benchmark for Nvidia Tesla T4 GPU and Alveo U50

2.Full video analytics pipeline including decoding and CNN inference – compared to 1080p60 video streams from NVIDIA Tesla T4 and Alveo U200

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