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Xin Chi Technology and BlackBerry QNX jointly develop digital cockpit solutions for automotive OEMs and Tier 1 automotive suppliers

Shanghai, China-April 27, 2021-China’s innovative supplier of semiconductor solutions-Nanjing Xinchi Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Xinchi Technology”) today announced that it will work with BlackBerry QNX to develop a cutting-edge technology based on Xinchi Technology. Car digital cockpit platform based on X9 SoC chip. The new platform will use QNX? Hypervisor for Safety as the basic software and adopt other QNX technologies to help OEMs and Tier 1 automotive suppliers develop innovative products in the smart transportation industry.

This advanced digital cockpit is expected to be commercialized by a Chinese OEM manufacturer from 2022.

Dhiraj Handa, Vice President of BlackBerry Technology Solutions (BTS) Asia Pacific, said: “Relying on Xin Chi Technology’s innovative X9 automotive-grade processor and BlackBerry QNX basic software, we are committed to the next generation of Chinese OEMs and Tier 1 automotive suppliers. The automotive digital cockpit design provides brand-new functions and an expandable architecture. In the past 10 years, BlackBerry QNX has always focused on providing safe and reliable digital cockpit systems for customers around the world. Xin Chi Technology is in a leading position in the industry and is the first company in China to obtain TÜV Rheinland’s ISO26262 functional safety management certified automotive semiconductor company, we are very pleased to cooperate with Xin Chi Technology this time.”

Mr. Zhang Qiang, Chairman of Xin Chi Technology, said: “Cars are increasingly becoming more intelligent means of transportation, and their safety performance has become our top priority in the chip design and development process. Through cooperation with the industry-leading BlackBerry QNX software platform , We hope to provide customers in the Chinese automotive industry with safe and reliable solutions, as well as localized support and technical experience. In a fast-developing and highly competitive market, these two aspects are key factors for success.”

At present, the X9 SoC chip board support package (BSP) that can support QNX? Neutrino? Real-time operating system (RTOS) 7.1 is already on the market, helping embedded automotive software developers to create more automotive applications. In addition, the digital cockpit platform supported by X9 SoC chip and QNX Hypervisor of Xin Chi Technology will also be released in the near future. This platform will showcase safety and hybrid critical systems in the fields of safety and non-safety.

BlackBerry QNX has a rich portfolio of embedded software, including security-certified operating systems, management programs, development tools, and middleware for key systems in automobiles and other fields. At present, many OEM manufacturers and Tier 1 automotive suppliers have used BlackBerry QNX in their advanced driver assistance systems, hands-free and infotainment systems, as well as digital dashboards and connection modules. Thanks to BlackBerry’s pedigree in safety, security and continuous innovation, more than 175 million vehicles in the world have used BlackBerry QNX technology.

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