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Xinyaohui Technology completed the A round of financing of over 500 million yuan, establishing the leading position in the field of chip IP

The investment community reported on May 19 that the leading chip IP company Xinyaohui Technology (hereinafter referred to as “Xinyaohui”) announced today that it has completed the A round of financing of more than 500 million yuan, and has accumulated nearly 1 billion in less than a year after its establishment. Yuan financing has established its position as a leading company in the field of chip IP. This round of financing of Xinyaohui was led by Gaorong Capital, followed by Matrix Partners China, Lanpu Ventures, University of Macau Development Foundation and Macau University of Science and Technology Foundation, and old shareholders Sequoia China, Hillhouse Ventures, Songhe Capital, Cloud Hui Capital, National Policy Investment and Da Hengqin Group will continue to follow the investment. The funds will be used to attract more cutting-edge R&D talents to join in and accelerate the development of Xinyaohui’s advanced technology IP technology layout and product development.

Xinyaohui Technology is a high-tech company dedicated to advanced semiconductor IP research and development and services, enabling chip design and system applications. Through independent research and development of advanced process chip IP products, in response to China’s rapidly developing chip and application needs, chip design is fully empowered. With its unique value and advantages such as high stability, strong compatibility, cross-process, and portability of its IP products, it serves various important fields of the digital society, including data centers, smart cars, high-performance computing, 5G, Internet of Things, Artificial intelligence, consumer electronics, etc.

Xinyaohui has recently gathered the world’s cutting-edge chip design talents, including Mr. Anwar Awad and IEEE Fellow Professor Yu Chengbin, who have joined the positions of Xinyaohui’s global president and Xinyaohui’s co-CEO respectively, further consolidating the “Dream of Dreams”. Team” product development strength. Xinyaohui will continue to build a R&D team that radiates across the country with the Zhuhai-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area to accelerate the product development process.

“I am very happy to have the support of like-minded new and old partners on the road of promoting the independent research and development of China’s chip IP.” Zeng Keqiang, chairman and co-CEO of Xinyaohui, expressed his gratitude and looked forward to the future development of the company, “Since its establishment, Xinyaohui has We have rapidly promoted the implementation of customer applications, and have successfully brought a wealth of IP products and services to the market. Since 2021, we have exceeded our sales targets and achieved rapid revenue growth. The high recognition from the investment community and the industry makes us very confident. To achieve the goal of empowering China’s integrated circuit industry to upgrade with innovative IP technology.”

Yu Chengbin, Co-CEO of Xinyaohui and Managing Director of Macau, said: “The research and development team of Xinyaohui is focusing on independent research and development of 28/14/12nm and N+2 advanced process IP R&D and services, and has successively launched products covering DDR, PCIe, HDMI, USB , SATA, MIPI and other product solutions. We believe that Xinyaohui’s technology and products will bring new power to chip innovation and empower China’s digital transformation.”

Yue Bin, founding partner of Gaorong Capital, said: Chip design is a crucial technology industry in China and the world, and we have always paid close attention to this field. As the key support for chip design, IP is an important part of China’s chip design industry. Xinyaohui has assembled top talents in the global IP industry, and the key is that the team quickly brings advanced technology IP products and services to the market. We are very optimistic about Xinyaohui’s future empowerment of various important areas of the digital society.

Wang Huadong, partner of Jingwei China, said: With the development of the digital society and the development of China’s semiconductor industry, the domestic market is in urgent need of international top local IP suppliers. Xinyaohui Technology has established an internationally competitive team, dedicated to independent research and development of high-stability and compatibility, and advanced process chip IP products that can be transplanted across processes. We expect Xinyaohui to grow into an international first-line IP company, respond to the needs of China’s rapidly developing chips and applications, and act as an important force to promote the development of China’s semiconductor industry.